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A Balanced Life

A Balanced Life

I.       Three contents of life (Gen 26:25)

A.     Build an altar - spiritual life

B.     Pitch a tent - family life

1.        Live a blameless life in family (Ps 101:2)

 a.      Build ourselves in love (Eph )

 b.      Maintain order

 c.      Fulfill each one’s duty

2.        Build a spiritual bond

 a.      God is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Mt )

 b.      A place to share, care and enjoy together

C.     Dig a well - career life or school life

II.    Balanced life

A.     God created a balanced world (Gen 1)

1.        It is good & blessed (Gen ,22)

2.        It was lost when Aden sinned (Gen 2)

3.        Life needs to be restored in Christ (2Cor 5:17)

 a.      Soul & body (Mt 4:4; Amos )

 b.      Spiritual need & material need

B.     Set priorities

1.        Concept of value (Deut 6:4-9)

 a.      Awareness of identity

 b.      Realign the concept of value

2.        Understand life: goal & purpose (1Thess 1:9,10)

3.        Treasure the opportunity

 a.      Loving God (Lk 24:1-3; Jn 12:8)

 b.      Loving family (Gen 23:2)

 c.      Acquiring knowledge

C.     Exercise self-control (Gal 5:21,22)

1.        Esau was famished (Gen 25:30)

2.        Solomon’s life was in vain (Eccl 2:10-11)

D.     Not mutually exclusive

1.        This life and the life to come (2Cor -18)

2.        Bodily training and discipline of godliness (1Tim 4:8)

3.        Kingdom of God and daily necessity (Mt 6:31-33)

4.        Life and food (Mt 6:25)

III. The balance between faith and family

A.     Do not be over righteous (Ecc 7:6)

1.        Alienate the family member (Mt )

2.        Decline of decedent’s faith (1 Sam 8:1-5)

B.     Balance the two lives

1.        Love family members (1 Tim 5:3; 3:4, 5, 12)

2.        Do not love family over the Lord (Mt 10:7)

When there is conflict

3.        Offering and caring parent (Mk 7:11-13)

Do not over do it (2 Cor 9:6,7)

IV.  The balance between career and family

A.     Workaholic

1.        Bring the work home - still at work

2.        Discuss work at home - still in office

3.        Only focus on work - no position for family

B.     Work at home

1.        No rest – easily angered

2.        Silence - no interpersonal relationship

3.        Break the marriage and harm the children

C.     Correct attitude

1.        At office - work first

2.        At home - family first

3.        Difficulties in work?

 a.      Ask God for wisdom (1Kings 3:9)

 b.      Trust the Lord (Ps 37:5; 4:7,8; Mt 14:25-31)

D.     Lay aside the burden

1.        Relax

2.        Rest (Mk 6:31)

3.        Recreation

 a.      Family reunion

 b.      Elevate quality of life