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How do I know the resurrection of Jesus really happened?

p>Jesus’ death is confirmed: the Roman soldiers saw that He had died, and it is impossible He could have survived the final stab in His side (Jn 19:33-34). His body was buried behind a stone and guarded by Roman soldiers, and yet on the third day the tomb was discovered empty (Mt 28:1-8). Either Jesus resurrected, or His body was stolen. But who, other than the disciples, would want to steal the body? Those who were against Jesus could have proven that the resurrection was a hoax simply by trotting out His body from the tomb. They did not, because they could not.

Jesus’ resurrection is a fact established by Paul’s own testimony, the witness of other apostles, as well as the witness of over 500 hundred other believers. It is incredible to suppose that they would suffer and die for a lie they had created. They had neither the means to pull off the fraud, nor the motive to promote it, given the immense hostility they faced.

Lastly, we know He resurrected and lives today through tangible evidence:

  • We receive the Holy Spirit, just as the apostles did in Acts, and
  • He answers our prayers, even in miraculous ways (see testimonies).

Publisher: True Jesus Church