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How to Apportion Your Time for God        
For Christians, time management is not simply a matter of generating a list of priorities and arbitrarily dividing our life into secular and sacred components. God desires that we exercise freedom in Christ to fulfill His will in our lives.

How was Jesus" socio-political environment like?        

Misleading Signs, Foolish Wisdom        
"For Jews demand signs and Greeks seek wisdom," Apostle Paul wrote. Today, these two attitudes of disbelief still prevail. Why are they so dangerous?

How did Jesus deal with people?        

How does salvation benefit me?        

How I Learned to Walk with God        

The Wisdom of Heeding Advice        
So Moses heeded the voice of his father-in-law and did all that he had said. —Exodus 18:24

How do we know that the universe didn't always exist?        

How does Jesus" resurrection relate to his followers?        

How can we know God exists?        

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