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The Lord Jesus is the author of salvation, not the church, so if I don't go to church, as long as I believe in the Lord Jesus and follow the correct path to salvation, won't I be saved?        

How does salvation benefit me?        

Where does salvation come from?        

Service, Suffering, and Salvation        
What God demands most is our willingness to serve and suffer for Him; everything else is minor.

The Necessity of Baptism for Salvation        
In championing salvation by faith alone, many Christians today view baptism to be merely symbolic. Is baptism simply a symbol of our faith, an act of obedience subsequent to salvation, or does it carry spiritual effects requisite for salvation? Find out f

What are the two dimensions of salvation?        

Did God prepare for humankind's salvation?        

What is the difference between salvation and a Savior?        

Why do we have to repent before we can receive salvation?        

Did Jesus" appearance and birth mean God's salvation to humankind?        

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