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Items related to "The Spirit Who Lives In Us".

How The Spirit Guides Us Into All Truths        
We cannot have God’s spirit without His scriptures, and we cannot fully understand His words without His spirit. One without the other would affect our relationship with God.
Why was there a Holy Spirit drought? What verses in the Bible tell us more?        
Who witnessed the Holy Spirit descend upon Jesus?        
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Claiming that your church is the only true church is a sign of arrogance and boasting. Such an attitude is against the Christian spirit of humility. Who are we to judge? (Rom 14:10)        
Fullness of the Holy Spirit        
The Promised Holy Spirit        
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Spirit Sky        
Questions for the doctrine of the Holy Spirit        
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Holy Spirit and Evangelism     By Steve Hwang        
The Renewal of Holy Spirit     By Derren Liang        
Renewal of the Holy Spirit     By H.H. Tien        
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