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Understanding and Fulfilling Our Commission     By Philip Shee        
Are we committed to our true purpose in life?

Family: What God Has Joined, Let No Man Separate (Part 2)     By Aun Quek Chin        
Upholding the biblical principles of marriage.

Why I Got Rid of Cable TV        
Is there anything wrong with watching television?

Knowing the Time     By FF Chong        
Time to wake from spiritual slumber to sharpen our discernment and discard the works of darkness.

A Father’s Thoughts on Christian Parenting     By Philip Shee        
Set an example; pray unceasingly.

Choosing a Friend     By Vincent Yeoh        

Making Time to Serve God     By Shawn Chou        
How to find time to serve God.

Social Justice and Christianity        
What is social justice, and why does it matter?

Thoughts on Ecclesiastes        
There are underachievers and there are overachievers, but we should prayerfully reflect, "Are we right achievers or wrong achievers?"

A Time Of Pestilence And Reflection     By Fu-Ming Tse        
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the life and faith of believers.

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