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The Four "Don'ts" of an Evangelist        

The First Year in the Workplace        
A recent college graduate shares the difficulties, successes, and lessons learned from her first year on the job.

The First Couple     By Timothy Yeung        
Lessons learned from the first husband and wife.

The Final Resurrection        

The Family Altar        
Life is a process. We grow up, we get married, and we establish a family. Now that we’ve welcomed the children into our lives, what’s next? What kind of homes are we supposed to raise them in?

The Fallen Mighty Man     By Samuel Kuo        
Lessons we can learn from Asahel's untimely death.

The Fall of Satan: A Biblical Investigation (III)     By Ci Yi Luo        
Relying on Jesus to overcome Satan.

The Fall of Satan: A Biblical Investigation (II)     By Ci Yi Luo        
Satan is the fallen spiritual creature.

The Fall of Satan: A Biblical Investigation (I)     By Luo Ci Yi        
I AM but not I AM?

The End and the Beginning        
Time is precious. We need to forget the past, cherish the present, and shape our future in accordance with God's will.

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