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The Cross and Us        

The Cost of Prayer        

The Compassionate Jesus        

The City Above        
If life is transient, why do people stick to the mundane routine of life? It turns out that there is a better way.

The City Above     By Constance Lin        

The Church—God’s Called-Out Assembly     By Simon Chin        
Called for a purpose.

The Church in the Wilderness     By K.C. Tsai        
The true church: perspectives from Deuteronomy.

The Church and Evangelism        
What's your temperature on the evangelistic thermometer?

The Christian Woman In You        
Girls can talk on the phone for hours! They share secrets and troubles, and they encourage one another. In this particular conversation between two friends, they share their insecurities as Christian women. Maybe you will find something in it for yourself

The Christ in the Book of Numbers—Part 7: Cities of Refuge     By Shen Chuan Chen        
Flee to the spiritual city of refuge.

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