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I Grieve with You in Pain     By Patricia Chen        
How do we sensibly reach out to people in grief?

Beware Satan’s Old Trick—Sowing Discord     By Philip Shee        
Importance of unity in the family and the church.

The Fall of Satan: A Biblical Investigation (I)     By Luo Ci Yi        
I AM but not I AM?

Why We Can and Should Baptize Our Infants     By Samuel Kuo        
God's promise belongs to you and your children.

The Only Church That Is Saved—True Jesus Church (II)     By H.H. Ko        
The true church is always one.

Steadfast in the Truth     By Lin Yung-Ji        
What it takes to be steadfast in the truth.

Every Good Tree Bears Good Fruit     By K. C. Tsai        
How to discern.

The Truth That We Have Received     By Jonathan Chou        
Definition, consistency, purpose, and defense of the truth.

Interview with a Dominican Republic Missionary        
Read the personal experience of a brother who visited the Dominican Republic for the first time through a USGA missionary trip.

Service that Is After God’s Own Heart     By Enoch Hou        
From carting to carrying the ark.

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