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Religious Education - Creating and Maintaining an Environment for Spiritual Growth     By F.F. Chong        
Actions speak louder than words.

God Commanded Religious Education     By Aun-Quek Chin        
Many people think of religious education simply as a class for children to learn about the Bible basics. However, God in fact commanded Christians of all ages to be students of His word. Religious education is more vital to our faith than we may think.

Religious Education Beyond the Classroom     By K.C. Tsai        
RE is life-long spiritual nurture.

Why Can’t the Clock Stop Ticking?     By ACquila Anon        
Treasure time.

Obedience Above All Else     By Colin Shek        
God will meet us in the flames.

Living for the Lord (II): In the Home     By Simon Chin        
Living for Christ starts at home.

The Suffering of Christ     By Jachin        
Is it possible to suffer more than Christ?

Eden in the East     By K.C. Tsai        
Salvation comes from the east.

Making Time to Serve God     By Shawn Chou        
How to find time to serve God.

My Time? God's Time!     By Philip Shee        
God is the pivot of our lives.

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