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Bartimaeus and the Rich Young Man        
Comparing the stories of these two characters gives us a good picture of what it means to be a true disciple.

Theme: Conquering Addictions        

Conquering Addictions        
Preventing an addiction is just as important to our spiritual health as overcoming one.

Why I Got Rid of Cable TV        
Is there anything wrong with watching television?

Tofu Custard and Orange Peel: How God Arranged Our "Unlikely" Match        
A brother shares how his courtship and marriage were guided by his faith.

Work Addiction        
Society's emphasis on material weath and achievement often leaves little room for an active faith. What we can do to ensure work does not take over our life--especially our spiritual life.

Losing the Path and Finding it Again        
The way back to God is difficult once we have strayed, but through trust and determination, we can be back where we belong.

Christian Values in a Changing World        
In today's increasingly materialistic world, children need to have a firm foundation in what is truly important.

Spiritual Roots        

Born From Above        
The transformation of Nicodemus is an example for us to follow in our spiritual life.

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