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The Absent Spiritual Partner        
Bringing up children in the church might be difficult when only one spouse is a believer, but it is not impossible.

East Meets West        
After deciding to spend more time on church work and placing her future in God’s hands, He put everything into place for this sister to find her other half.

A Christian Perspective on Greek Organizations Part I        
What could be wrong with joining an organization that promotes volunteer work and a familial bond?

Work: a Blessing or a Curse?        
Your job doesn’t have to be at odds with leading a healthy life—whether physical or spiritual.

Abraham Has Two Sons        
Close study of the story of Abraham, Isaac, and Ishmael reveals the truth of salvation.

The Truth Never Changes        
What the Bible tells us about Truth—what it is, and how we should care for it.

How to Be an Effective Religious Education Teacher        

Beware of Complacence        

A Meditiation upon The Cross        

Dash into The Depth of The Spirit        

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