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The Role of Money in Christian Living     By Vincent Yeung        
What is the right attitude?

The Abiding Word of God     By Vincent Yeung        
Do you believe that God's word is absolute?

The Lord’s Parting Prayer for His Disciples—the True Church     By Vincent Yeung        
What Jesus expects of His church.

The Bond of Perfection     By Vincent Yeung        
Are we bounded by God’s love?

I Will Make You a Fortified Bronze Wall     By Vincent Yeung        
As humans, we tend to avoid conflict and rejection. Sometimes this may cause us to be unwilling to preach to loved ones or to speak the truth in love. What can we learn from Jeremiah who faced this same challenge?

A Christ-centered Family Life     By Vincent Yeung        
What is our family’s common goal?

Prepare, for the Kingdom of Heaven Is at Hand!     By Vincent Yeung        
In what aspects should we be prepared?

Where is the House that You Will Build Me?     By Vincent Yeung        
Realizing the promise that the glory of the latter temple shall be greater than the former.

An Equal Right to Salvation     By Vincent Yeung        

Preaching the one true gospel in the light of ecumenism.

These Little Ones     By Vincent Yeung        
How to care for the weak and overlooked within the church community.

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