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Here Am I, Send Me     By Shee Tse Loong        

Faith and Fear     By Shee Tse Loong        
In trying situations, do we tend to react with faith or fear?

Manna 77 Editorial: Integrating Faith with Life     By Shawn Chou        

Making Time to Serve God     By Shawn Chou        
How to find time to serve God.

Within the Ark     By Sharon Chang        
On the joy of a whole family being in Christ.

Manna 75 Editorial: Towards Maturity     By Sharon Chang        

The Fallen Mighty Man     By Samuel Kuo        
Lessons we can learn from Asahel's untimely death.

Why We Can and Should Baptize Our Infants     By Samuel Kuo        
God's promise belongs to you and your children.

A Mature Church—the Church in Antioch     By Samuel Kuo        
Taking the gospel with us wherever we go.

Simon the Zealot     By Samuel Kuo        
What are we zealous for?

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