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If God is all-knowing, why did He create man when He knew he would sin?

God did not create a world of robots to mechanically serve His purposes. He shows us what is good: "to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly" with him (Mic 6:8). He also gives us commandments so that we may understand the consequences of our choices (Rom 5:13). But He permits us the freedom to do as we will, and by allowing that freedom, He allows the possibility of sin.

Love requires an object. God created the universe to manifest His Love. But true love can only exist with freedom, just as true righteousness can only exist with freedom. We cannot truly love if we are forced to do so against our will; we cannot be morally perfect if we do not choose to do good out of our own volition.

Adam and Eve sinned because they failed to obey the command God had given them, despite their knowledge of the consequences. Their disobedience displayed a lack of faith in God and introduced the separation between God and man.

But God also prepared the way of reconciliation. He came into the world as Jesus Christ and suffered life’s hardships with us. Jesus demonstrated that it is possible to have free will and not sin. He satisfied God’s requirement for justice and manifested God’s love on the cross by paying the ultimate price for human evil: death and complete severance from God.

Publisher: True Jesus Church