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Commit Your Way to Jesus

The life of a Christian should be one that is committed to Jesus Christ. We have no assurance of tomorrow, nor do we know what will happen the next day. Worrying does not change reality; nor does it add anything to our lives. Yet at times we realize how truly weak and helpless we are as humans, unable to accomplish much at all alone. Thus a Christian’s life apart from Jesus is like a branch that cannot bear fruit apart from the tree. Committing our lives to the Lord removes the barrier between God and us so that we can draw nearer to Him. A committed life relieves us of many unnecessary worries and sorrows, giving us wonderful peace in our hearts.

The assurance we receive lies in God’s omnipotence, faithfulness, and loving-kindness. Our God is the Almighty God who can bring all things to pass. His divine nature is faithful. Unlike us, God cannot deny His words or fail to fulfill His promises in due time. Our God and Father in heaven is loving and compassionate, solicitous toward our weaknesses. He manifested His love and compassion to us in the Lord Jesus Christ.

A total commitment to Christ is derived from constant faith in God and an understanding of His divine character. Once we profoundly understand the omnipotence, faithfulness, and loving-kindness of God, we will be able to commit all things to Him and persist in unswerving faith. Many Christians today fail to commit everything to Jesus simply because they do not truly know Him.

The word order of this verse should be noted: "commitment" on the part of the faithful precedes God’s action. God’s fulfillment is predicated on our commitment. If we do not commit everything to Him, we cannot expect God to act out His promises. We have to take the first step and put our total trust in Him; God will grant His promises to us according to the measure of our faith.

May God grant you the spirit of wisdom and revelation so that you may truly know Him and fully commit yourself to Him. The result will be seeing the wondrous fulfillment of His promises in your daily life.

Publisher: True Jesus Church