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Peace Like a River

The peace that God gives us is like a river—not a pond. A river carries living water from the mountaintops. As long as the source does not run dry, the river flows incessantly throughout the year; water in a pond has no source of origin and will eventually dry up if a drought comes. God is the source of our peace, and to him who pays heed to His commands, peace like a river will flow unceasingly from the mountain of God.

Dams may be built to curb the water from a pond, but it is not so with rivers. Rivers flow unceasingly from their source in the mountains; even if a strong gate or dam were built, flooding could still occur. The peace God blesses us with is not like stagnant water, but rather it is living water. Since our God promises peace to us, we should have the faith to believe that nothing will hinder it.

People always desire to enjoy peace, which is also a symbol of God's grace. But we must first understand that submission to God's commands is God's expectation of humanity, as well as our duty. God's grace will follow our obedience to His Word, for "obedience is better than sacrifice." If we insist on being disobedient, is it fair for God to satisfy our needs?

Obeying the word of God not only leads to peace like a river, but also leads us to victory like the waves of the sea. "Righteousness" points to our "victory in Jesus." Like the waves of the sea, the righteousness of Christ flows like the unending surges of the ocean if we submit to Him. In the end, the conquering power of the waves is like a song of victory that echoes in the air.

God expects us to obey His commands all the time, not sometimes. What we desire from God is peace like a river and victory like the waves of the sea—grand and everlasting. As long as we are willing to obey God's commands and persist in our submission, God will doubtless bring what we require to pass.

Publisher: True Jesus Church