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What is prayer?

In its most general definition, prayer can be seen as any direct communion and communication between ourselves and God. Prayer is a way to call upon God (Ps 141:2; Rom 10:12–13). A lot of prayers in the Bible are intercessory prayers, which is often related to God’s judgment of others’ sins (1 Sam 2:25; Jer 15:1). Prayer can be in the form of hymns or psalms (Ps 72:20) or a prayer may simply be a written composition (e.g., the Lord’s Prayer; Mt 6:9ff). Viewed broadly, prayer can even be a non-verbal communication with God, for instance, in sacrifice, dance, or body gestures. But in the end, prayer aims to deepen our relationship with God. In prayer, we hope we can receive God’s blessing, guidance, mercy, and justice (judgment).

Publisher: True Jesus Church