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Living Up to His Standards

When we heed God’s call and embark on our journey of faith, we must make up our mind to live up to God’s standards. Because we are mere humans, living up to God’s standards is a naturally difficult thing for us to do. This should not surprise us. The Bible tells us, from beginning to end, that God’s ways are not our ways and vice versa.

If it looks as if God has set us up for failure before we even got started on our journey of faith, be assured that is not the case. Because the Lord has called us, we can be certain that He wants us to succeed. All we have to do is learn what God’s standards are and live up to them with His help.

Do not forget, however, that a journey involves some measure of distance and time. Do not forget, too, that a successful journey is the result of much effort, patience and perseverance. That is why we must engage our mind even before we take that first step.

Imagine for a moment that you were born and raised in a country where the traffic flows on the left-hand side of the road. When you grew up and learned to drive, you also very naturally kept to the left-hand side of the road. But just an hour ago, you arrived in a country where the law of the land stipulates that all traffic flows on the right-hand side of the road.

If you find yourself in such a situation, you’d want to first make a mental note of the changes that must take place, learn the new rules and how you can abide by them. By the same token, an ardent believer is committed to pursuing God’s standards and living up to them, every day, in his or her journey of faith.

Publisher: True Jesus Church