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 (Manna 43: Holy Spirit)
The Lord Has Given Me Spiritual Eyes
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In 2002, God guided my parents, my husband, my daughter, and me to believe in Him, and we were baptized at Baldwin Park Church.

On August 29 of that year I suddenly lost sight in my right eye. After an eye exam, an ophthalmologist told me that an artery in my right eye was clogged and that there was only a five percent chance of recovery.

The ophthalmologist also extracted some liquid from my eyeball, hoping to relieve some pressure and increase blood flow to my right eye. But I did not sense any improvement.

After ten minutes, the ophthalmologist shook his head and walked away. I could only see a bean-sized spot of light. My hope of finding a cure for my right eye vanished with his footsteps.

Having to face this sudden illness was a shock for me. I had suddenly lost an eye.

I could no longer read, type on the computer, work, or drive, and it seemed as if all of my wonderful plans in life had disappeared like bursting bubbles.


August 30th was a sabbath day, and after hearing the news of my illness, the members in Baldwin Park Church prayed for me. On the same day, the church also sent out a global prayer request on my behalf.

Many brothers and sisters, including some of whom I did not know came to visit me in the hospital. They prayed for me and gave me great comfort. I knew they were sent from the Lord.

That afternoon I had a dream: my older brother stood three meters away and held three toothpicks to test my eyesight, and I could see them clearly. I was just about to give thanks to the Lord when the nurse came and woke me up. Having to face the reality after my dream, I felt an unspeakable sense of loss.

On September 4th, accompanied by my husband, we flew to the best hospital in China, Beijing’s Xie-He Hospital, for immediate treatment. The test results confirmed the diagnosis of the American hospital into which I was admitted.

After examination, the doctor discovered that the original pink-colored blood beneath my right eye had turned grayish-white, that the nerves in my eye had begun to atrophy, and that some of the cells in my eye had already died.

According to reports, the recovery rate for this medical condition is time dependent. The chance of recovery is sixty percent if treated two hours after the initial loss of sight and decreases significantly to twenty percent after four hours. Beyond six hours, it becomes incurable.

It had already been six days since I lost vision and, based on these statistics, it was impossible for me to regain my sight. The doctor had no other method to treat my eye except to insert some blood vessel-widening medication.

Past the Point of Treatment

In my despair, I left Xie-He Hospital on September 7 and arrived at Ying-Zhi Eye Hospital with a hopeful heart. Ying-Zhi Eye Hospital is the most technologically advanced eye hospital in China.

The Chief Ophthalmologist received his Ph.D. degree in ophthalmology from Harvard University and is a specialist in lower eyelids. He designed a surgical procedure that had never been clinically performed before—he would dissect my eyeball and then apply external pressure towards the artery in my eye.

However, the blood-flow diagram showed that the artery in the right hemisphere of my head, which passes through my eye artery, contained severe blood clots (thrombus), taking this problem out of the realm of ophthalmology.

Ying-Zhi Hospital consequently abandoned the original surgical plan.

We were still unwilling to give up. We went to Tian-Tan Hospital’s neurosurgery department, where they performed a nuclear magnetic resonance scan, hoping to find space in the thrombus membrane so that a cover tube could be inserted to prevent the scattered thrombus from entering the brain.

Unfortunately, the thrombus membranes were completely filled, and this new surgical plan was also abandoned.

We tried everything we could to cure my eye. On the verge of hopelessness, my family members told me to prepare my heart to face reality.

Even though I knew none of the doctors could cure me, I was still unwilling to give up and was unable to accept the reality of not being able to use my right eye again. I shed many tears during those sleepless nights.


On September 11, after a sleepless night, I left the hospital and dragged my enervated body to my home in Beijing. On the 12th, in my despair, I beseeched the Lord to help me. I opened the Bible and handed it to my husband so he could read it to me.

He asked me whether I wanted to hear from the right or the left page. I casually said the right page, and this turned out to be John 9, which contained the story of a man born blind and received sight.

How miraculous! Was this a coincidence? I could not believe my ears and thought of how blessed the blind man was that the Lord Jesus Himself healed him.

Would the Lord heal me?

Since I had exhausted all alternatives for treatment from eye professionals in the United States and in China, the Lord was my only hope left.

Yet, my pitiful logic filled me with doubt. Was it possible for me to regain my eyesight now that the blood flow had stopped and the cells had died?

Ever since the day I lost my sight, I prayed to the Lord several times a day. When I arrived in Beijing, I woke up everyday before dawn to pray. Sometimes I prayed in tongues and sometimes I prayed with a prayer of understanding.

I said whatever I wanted to say and prayed wherever I felt like praying. I would tell the Lord all my worries and pains.

Our heavenly Father, dear Lord, in the darkness I kneel before you and ask that you listen to your daughter’s heartfelt words. You have created human beings; every cell and every blood vessel is a part of your masterpiece, and only You can cure our illnesses. I am only thirty-nine years old—I have not finished this journey of life. Human power is limited, but You are omnipotent, and You are my only confidence.

During my stay in Beijing, my parents and my husband prayed with me everyday. My thirteen-year-old daughter also prayed for me in Los Angeles.

The moment we returned to Beijing, a minister and some brothers and sisters from the Beijing True Jesus Church came to visit me. They also prayed for me on sabbaths.


Three days after my husband read to me about the blind man in John 9, a miracle happened! That morning, I felt a foreign object on my eyeball. Afraid that my illness was worsening, I went to the hospital immediately.

As I was getting my eye examined, I suddenly felt some brightness. I began to see the top row of the visual chart, then the second row, the third row, and the fourth row. I had regained partial eyesight.

The bean-sized spot of light that I was originally able to see had increased to the size of a cracker. But additional examinations of my lower eyelids, cells, and neurons showed that my physical condition was the same as before, so the doctors could not explain why I was able to see better. This was a medical and clinical paradox.

The doctors in Ying-Zhi Hospital also could not explain the improvement. During the examination, my husband asked one of the doctors if he was a Muslim and if he believed in a god.

He replied “Yes" and that he believed in Allah. My husband told him that we were Christians and asked whether he could understand our belief that the Lord Jesus Christ had cured my illness. The doctor said that he could understand because he believed in miracles.

That night, I had the most comfortable sleep that I had had in more than ten days. When I woke up, it was already past daybreak. My whole family knelt down and prayed in thanksgiving.

Dear Lord, in darkness we asked for Your help yesterday, and today You have shown us the light! From the depths of our hearts we know that this is Your mercy and grace. We have personally experienced Your love, and we feel like the most blessed people on earth.

For the next few days, I went through several eye therapies in addition to receiving IV to widen my blood vessels. Even though these were only simple procedures to reduce my illness, my right eye showed dramatic improvement.

The coloring of the blood vessels on my lower eyelids returned to normal pink; after examination, it was determined that the blood vessels of the left eye had branched out to the right eye to allow blood flow. The doctors and the medical authorities all were amazed and called my cure a miracle.


On September 20, a sabbath day, my entire family read John 9 together. We reflected on the past twenty-some days and nights—from losing sight to receiving sight.

From entering three hospitals to being denied four times—each rising hope to each vanquished dream. We thought about how we sought God’s help in despair to His appearance and faithful answers; from dreaming of regaining my sight to reading the passage on the blind man who receives sight.

I could not believe that I had actually regained my sight, but I felt extremely blessed. This was a trial from our Lord; furthermore, it was His grace to my family and me. The experience was painful, but I have gained a deeper understanding towards God’s words and God Himself.

Before this, I regarded the many miracles in the Bible as fables to be heard but not to be believed. Yet today a miracle truly happened to me. A simple concept of trust had become a deeply moving experience.

This trust was obtained through an exchange of repeated suffering and hopelessness. Without my wholehearted trust in Him, I would not have been saved. In fact, it was only in dire despair that I truly felt the urgency to lay prostrate before the Lord.

Had there been an inkling of pretense, of relying on human wisdom and strength, of disregarding God’s deeds, this miracle would not have happened.

I paid a great price to imprint the truths in my heart that “God steps in when we are at the end of the rope" and that “God’s deeds will be manifested in man."

And Jesus said, “For judgment I have come into this world, that those who do not see may see, and that those who see may be made blind." (Jn 9:39)

After reading this verse, it dawned on me that the Lord healed my eye so that my spiritual eyes would be enlightened.

While my physical eyes see worldly things, my spiritual eyes allow me to communicate with the Lord, see His will, and prevent me from transgressing against Him after the healing. I will do the things that please Him, and I will strive to work for Him and manifest His great power in my remaining years.

Not long ago, I had another dream. I dreamed that the Lord personally healed me and that my right eye was completely restored. May the Lord open not just my physical eyes but more so my spiritual eyes. Amen!

Publisher: True Jesus Church