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 (Manna 22: Indifferent Neighbors)
The Lord Looks After Our House
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Bless the Lord, O my soul; and forget not all His benefits," the psalmist reminds himself (Ps 103:2). Today, living such busy lives as we do, we need this reminder, too, since it is easy for us to lose sight of God's grace and give thanks to Him. When we escape major catastrophes, we may recognize the Lord's deliverance, but what about those daily events that can be explained away as mere coincidences? To what extent do we really count the Lord's blessings?

Here, the author recognizes the Lord's constant care upon her family. Would you have done so, if you were in her shoes?

"One day, I was in the kitchen of our newly-purchased house, cooking a pot of macaroni when the door bell rang. I went to the front door and saw that one of my aunts and her family had come to visit us. Keen to see them, I went out to the front porch to greet them. Suddenly there was a strong gust of wind and I heard the front door slam behind me! When I realized that I did not have the door key with me, I began to panic. The gas stove was on maximum in order to cook the pot of macaroni, and my three-year-old son was in a nearby room playing. What if the water on the pot dried up? What if my son decided to venture into the kitchen? I dared not to think of the consequences.

Hurriedly, my guests and I made numerous attempts to get into the house but we were unsuccessful. When it seemed that all avenues had been exhausted, I decided to pray to God. Once again, my gracious Lord did not turn away from my pleas.

At this crucial moment, the previous owner of the house happened to be in the neighborhood and stopped by to inform us that she still owed us a set of door keys. When she learned of my plight, she rushed home to get me that spare set of keys. With this key, I was able to enter the house and quickly switch off the gas stove. Thank God, the pot of water had not dried up, and my son was unharmed.

May all glory be given unto the Lord."

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Publisher: True Jesus Church