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 (Manna 23: The Household of God)
"For Everyone Who Asks, Receives"
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In 1984, my family and I were baptized in the True Jesus Church. I was a teenager then. I did not understand the importance of religious education. I was not keen to go to church. As a result I did not know the teachings of Christianity. Believers used to visit me. After each visit, I would attend a service or two, but would stop after that.

When I was in my first year at college, I started to seek God. I learned that I needed to receive the Holy Spirit as a guarantee of my salvation. But I did not know how to pray for the Holy Spirit. I became worried. A friend I spoke to invited me to attend a charismatic church. I went. Much to my delight, the talk was on how to pray for the Spirit. The speaker said that the Holy Spirit would fill me if I prayed with my hands raised and face lifted, saying "Hallelujah." When the preacher laid hands on me, I fell backwards. But I felt no Holy Spirit filling me. I stood up and felt a little ashamed. I watched the others praying. There was a boy who fell backwards on the floor. He was shouting in agony and was foaming at the mouth. I went home utterly confused.

I related the incident to a religious education teacher in the True Jesus Church. When I heard his explanation, I felt ashamed before God and our brethren. So great were my feelings of guilt and shame that I cried instantaneously. I went home and prayed, asking for the forgiveness of God.

The following morning, I felt my guilt and shame lifted. I thanked God for answering my prayer. I promised myself I would never again attend the services of other churches.

In 1988, I attended a students' spiritual meeting at the True Jesus Church in Jakarta, Indonesia. On one of the nights, I had a dream. In the dream, I was praying in a field. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew, accompanied by a loud sound. I swayed slightly but remained upright. Due to the strength of the wind, my body and tongue vibrated. I had the same dream twice. It was strange. The following morning, I went to church with the confidence that I would surely receive the Holy Spirit. I prayed with faith and great fervor. When I uttered, "Hallelujah," my body and tongue suddenly started vibrating. I could neither control my tongue nor understand the words uttered. I was crying and my heart was filled with joy, for the Lord had answered my prayer. After the prayer, I was very joyful.

I am convinced that the Lord Jesus truly loves His children. We must believe that our prayers will be heard by God and ought to persevere in our prayers. Our God is indeed a living God!

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Publisher: True Jesus Church