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The Balance on Servitude

The Balance on Servitude


In the book of Romans chapter 12, Paul describes to us about the servitude that come from thanksgiving and from that we also discovered the balance on servitude.


1.       Offer your heart and also offer your body.  (Rom 12:1)

2.       Dead sacrifice is also a living sacrifice.  (Rom 12:1)

3.       To be reasonable in grace is also to be reasonable on the truth. (Rom 12:1)

4.       From being negative to become positive. (Rom 12:2)

5.       To be humble is also to have faith. (Rom 12:3)

6.       From working together to become oneness. (Rom 12:5, 7, 8)

7.       The faith of Mary and hands of Martha. (Rom 12:7)

8.       From being honorable to become kindness. (Rom 12:9~10)

9.       From honoring above yourselves to become aggressive. (Rom 12: 10~11)

10.    From being optimistic to become practical. (Rom 12:12)

11.    To work and also to pray at the same time. (Rom 12:12)

12.    To rejoice is also to bear. (Rom 12:15)

13.    To live at peace is also to have principle. (Rom 12:18)

14.    From being passive to become active. (Rom 12:1)