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The Concept of Value in Servitude

The Concept of Value in Servitude


Everyone who is learning to serve or is serving the Lord must establish a correct concept of value according to the bible.  After that, then one can have a correct way to pursue the standard goal and measure.


1.       Server outweighs serving --- Worker outweighs work.

2.       Work of God outweighs work of man.

3.       Life testimony outweighs spoken language testimony. (1 Cor 4:20)

4.       Power of the Holy Spirit outweighs eloquence. (1 Cor 2:4)

5.       Heart of love outweighs knowledge and all gifts. (1 Cor 8:1)

6.       Character (moral) outweighs fervency.  (Mt. 23:23)

7.       Spiritual gift outweighs material gift. (2 Tim. 1:6~7)

8.       Quality outweighs quantity. (Mt. 13:30)

9.       Know by God outweighs know by man.  (Mt. 6:1~4)

10.   Motive outweighs action. (Acts 5:1~11)

11.    Obedience outweighs success. (Acts 16:6~8)