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Servitude of Church, Elder and Deacon

Servitude of Church, Elder and Deacon

Eld. Ho

I.       Know the Church of God

A.     The origin of Church

1.        Bought by God through the blood of Christ (Acts ; Rev 5:9)

2.        Saints sanctify and called by Christ (1Co 1:2; Rom 1:6-7)

3.        Bought by God with a great price(1Co 6:20; 1Pe 1:18-20)

·         Baptized into one spirit and made to drink in one spirit (1Co 12:13)

B.     What is Church?

1.        Church is the body of Christ (Eph , 4:4; Col)

2.        Church is the home of everlasting God (1Ti 3:15; Eph 2:18-19)

3.        Church is the temple of God (Eph 2:20-22; 1Co 3:16-17)

4.        Church is the true vine(Jn 15:1-8; 1Co 12:27)

5.        Church is the flock of the Lord (Jn 10:11-16)

·         Should not be call brothers by outward image (2Co -17; Gal -27)

·         Should not treat brothers by outward impression (Jas 2:1-5, 9)

·         Should not criticize and judge each other (Jas 4:11-12; Rom 14:1-6)

·         Keep God’s commandments and love one another (Jn 13:34-35; 1Jn 4:7-21)

·         Keep apostles’ teachings, establish church, and flourish gospel (Mt 28:20; Acts 2:42-47)

C.     Mission of the Church

1.        Carry out salvation to the end of the world (Acts ; 1:8)

2.        Christ gave to Church the key to Heaven (Mt 16:18-19; Jn 20:21-23)

3.        Preach to all nations and save everyone (Mt 28:18-19)

4.        Accept God’s command, and pastor the sheep (Jn 21:15-17; Acts 20:28)

·         Carry out the will of God, and accomplish His work (Jn 4:34-38; Mt 24:14)

II.    Understand the role of Elders and Deacons in Church

A.     Elders are the overseer of Church (Acts 20:17, 28)

1.        Ordained by the apostles in every church (Acts ; Ti 1:5)

2.        Entrusted to be the steward of Church (Ti 1:7; 1Ti 3:1-5, 5:17)

3.        Shepherd of the sheep of the Church (1Pe 5:1-4; Acts 20:28)

4.        Overseers of the spirit of Church (Heb 13:17; Acts 20: 28)

5.        Messenger of Church (Rev 1:20; 2:1, 8: Mt 18:15-18)

6.        Is the pillar of Church (Gal 2:9; 1Ti 3:15; Ti 1:9)

7.        Is the servant of all (Mk 10:43-44; 9:35)

·         Should receive double honor from Church (1Ti 5:17-20; 1Thess 5:12-13)

B.     Deacons are the assistant of Elders (Phil 1:1)

1.        Ordained by the apostles when view necessary for holy work (Acts 6:1-7)

2.        Is the good co-worker of Elder (1Ti 3:8-13)

3.        A servant to serve Church (Col 4:12-13; Rom 16:1-2)

4.        Pastor’s co-worker, and a servant of the Lord (Col 4:7-8)

·         Both are as the spiritual parents in God’s house (Ref: 1Thess 2:6-12)

III. Duties of Elders and Deacons

A.     Duties of an Elder

1.        Carefully pastor God’s sheep (Acts ; 1Pe 5:1-4)

2.        Hold fast the true gospel as they have taught to exhort people (Ti 1:9)

3.        Establish Church, and train workers (Eph 4:11-16; 1Pe 4:10-11)

4.        RepresentsChurch in solving member’s problem (Mt 18:17-19; 1Cor 6:1-3)

5.        Hold sacraments, and care for God’s house (1Ti 3:4; 2Tim 517)

6.        Carry out spiritual authority and serve the church (Jas 5:14-15; 1Ti 4:14)

7.        Be a role model to the sheep in all aspect of work (1Pe 5:41Ti 4:12)

8.        Guide the Church to obey the Lord’s teaching (Mt 28:20; Heb 13:17)

9.        Be a part of holy workers’ meeting, and care for the holy work of Church (Acts 15:6)

B.     Duties of a Deacon

1.        Assist Elders and Pastors in carrying out the entrusted holy work (Acts 6:3)

2.        Obey the assignments of Church, and guide the holy works of Church (Rom 12:6-8)

3.        Carry out the spiritual authority and edify the Church in place of an Elder (Mt 18:17-18)

4.        Be a part of Holy workers’ meeting, and care for the holy work of Church (Acts 15:22)

·         Organize meetings for the holy workers and council members, and plan and carry out the holy works

IV.  Services of Elders and Deacons in Church

A.     Submit to God’s sovereignty (1Co 11:3)

1.        God is the head of Christ (Jn ; Phil 2:6-8)

2.        Christ is the head of Man (Col 1;18; 2:19)

3.        Man is the head of Woman (1Co 11:7-10; 14:34-35)

B.     Obey the orders set by God in Church (1Co 12:28)

1.        1st is the apostle (Lk ; Rom 1:1; Gal 1:1)

2.        2nd is the prophet (Acts 13:1; 15:22-23, 40; Eph 4:11)

3.        3rd is the teacher (Acts 13:1; Eph 4:11)

4.        Secondly is the one who perform miracles (1Co 12:10)

5.        Subsequently are the one who received gifts, ability of healing, helping others, rules, and speak in tongues (1Co 12:7-11; Rom 12:3-8)

C.     Understand the fundamentals of serving in Church

1.        There are different gifts, but there is only one spirit (1Co 12:4)

·         The spirit gives according to its will (1Co 12:7-11)

·         Everyone should serve according to the gift received from God (1Pe 4:10-11)

·         Suit the gospel according to the faith (Rom 12:3-8)

2.        There are different administrations, but only one Lord (1Co 12:5)

·         Administration is a spiritual duty (1Ti 3:1; 2Ti 4:5)

·         The Lord distributes work according to the gifts (Jn 15:16; Eph 3:2; Acts 20:24)

·         Duties are assigned by the Holy Spirit through Church (Acts 13:1-3; Rom 10:15)

3.        There are diversities of operation, but only one God (1Co 12:6)

·         Function is the manifestation of gift on work (Rom 12:4; Eph )

·         Function is the fruit of God working among man (Phil 2:13; Eph 3:20)

·         The Father does His work in Christ (Jn 14:10; 5:19)

·         Those who plant and water are insignificant (1Co 3:6-9)

D.     Enforce servitude of unity

1.        There are many members, but only one body (1Co 12:12)

·         Church is the body of Christ, and all are individual body part (1Co )

·         God has set each one of the members in the body (1Co 12:18)

·         The members need to communicate to be effective, and to assist one another (Eph 4:16)

·         There should be no schism in the body, and should care for one another (1Co 12:20-26)

2.        Endeavoring to keep the unity of the spirit (Eph 4:2-3)

·         Christ likes a humble heart (Mt ; Phil 2:5-8)

·         Bear with one another with the love of Christ (Col 3:13-14)

·         Communicate with love (Mk 9:50; Rom 15:5-7)

·         Be alert and intercede with the help of Holy Spirit (Eph 6:18; Rom 8:26-27)

3.        Pursue the complete unity in Christ (Jn 17:23)

·         All being kept under the Lord’s name (Jn -15)

·         Sanctify by truth (Jn 17:17-19; Eph 5:26-27)

·         Through the glory which the Father gave to Christ (Jn 17:20-23)

·         Because of Jesus Christ God is glorified in all things (1Pe 4:9-11)

E.     Should have the spirit of a servant

1.        Should serve with a fearful heart (1Pe 2:18)

·         Should fear the Lord with a truthful heart (Col-23)

·         Should obey God’s will from our heart (Eph 6:5-7)

·         Self aware of the commission, and serve willingly (1Co 9:16-17; Lk 17:9-10)

2.        Humble and submit with our heart (Phil 2:7-8)

·         Should have a heart of fearing Christ to serve one another (Eph ; 1Pe 5:5-6)

·         Make into food in following God’s will (Jn 4:34; Acts 20:24)

3.        Be a gifted steward of God (1Pe 4:10-11)

·         Be a loyal and knowledgeable servant (Mt 24:45-47; 1Co -23)

·         Be a meek and loyal servant (Mt 25:14-23; Rom 12:3-8)

·         Do all things for God’s glory (1Co 10:31-33; Jn 16:13-14)

F.      Be familiar with the essential points of servitude

1.        Rely on the teaching of the counselor (Jn 14:26)

·         Intercede for all through the Holy Spirit (Rom -27; Eph )

·         Teach others with the teachings of the Holy Spirit (1Co 2:4, 13)

·         Fight and do all things with the Holy Spirit (2Co 10:4-5; Gal 5:16-18, 25)

2.        Know the situation of the sheep (Pr 27;23)

·         Know God’s sheep through visitation (Jn , 3)

·         Be all things to all men (1Co 9:22)

·         Communicate through fellowship (Acts 2:42, 46; 1Jn 1:3-4)

3.        Be diligent and know the state of your flock (Pr 27:23)

·         Much increase is by the strength of the ox (Pr 14:4)

·         See the importance of each member’s function (1Co 12:21-25)

·         Make the body communicate to be effective (Eph 4;16; Col 2:19)

4.        Do all things with love (1Co 16:14)

·         Only love can edify (1Co 8:1)

·         Love is the bond for perfection (Col 3:12-14)

·         Love never fails (1Co 13:1-8)

5.        Lead back the lost sheep with gentleness (Jas 5:19-20)

·         In meekness instruct those who oppose themselves (2Ti -26)

·         Turn back the lost brothers with meekness (Gal 6:1-2)

·         Our speech should be seasoned with salt and soft (Col 4:5-6; Pr 15:1)

6.        Take heed to ourselves and to all the flocks (Acts 20:28)

·         Prevent wolves from entering the flock (Acts ; Heb )

·         Be alert and not leave any room for Satan (1Pe 5:8; Eph 4:27)

·         Speak the truth with love and exhort one another (Eph 4:15; Heb 3:12-13)

V.     Establish a complete structure of servitude for the Elders and Deacons

1.        Follow the teachings of the apostles to select and ordain Elders and Deacons to manage the Church

 a.      Person who selects and ordains: Pastor (1Ti 3:1-15; Ti 1:5)

 b.      Bases for selecting and ordaining (1Ti 3:1-3; Ti 1:5-9; Acts 6:2-6)

·         In spiritual cultivation be blameless, self-control, not unrestrained, not temperate, not fight, not strike, not given to wine, not greedy for money

·         Has good name: hospitable, desires good work, sober-minded, and just

·         A good role model in the family: husband of one wife, and children not accused of dissipation or insubordination

·         Mature in the spirit: filled with the Holy Spirit, with great faith, can keep the mystery of the truth, and encourage other with the pure gospel

·         Newly believed can not be overseers, and Deacons need to first go through trials

·         Full of wisdom and able to rule in Church (1Ti 5:17)

 c.      Method of selecting and ordaining

·         The resident pastor suggests the candidate according to the teachings of the apostles and submit it for review

·         After approved it should then be announced to the congregation.  If there are no objection to the candidate, it will then be decided to be offered (Ti 1:6; 1Ti 5;19)

·         After offered, the ordination department will then inform the person to attend the pre-ordination seminar and decide the ordination date to send a person to ordain at the ordination ceremony

2.        Emphasize on the entrusted responsibility of the Elders and Deacons

 a.      Speak of God’s will clearly (Acts , 26; 1Pe 5:1-4)

 b.      To see the importance of the blessings, duties, and responsibilities from the ordination ceremony (1Ti 4:14; Acts 20:28)

 c.      The ordination department needs to show concern through pastoral visits to understand the situation of the service (Pr 27:23; 1Co 4:17-21)

 d.      Periodically hold Elders and Deacons’ cultivation seminar to continuously seek for improvement (1Ti 4:15-16)

 e.      Pastors should emulate Paul in terms of setting an example for the Elders and Deacons (Acts 20:18; 33-35)

3.        Be sure of the rule of ruling for Elder and Deacon

 a.      Clearly state the responsibility of Elder and Deacon on the ordination certificate

 b.      If neglect the received gifts and not carry out the duty, the ordination department needs to exhort and counsel as soon as possible

 c.      If the actions and deeds effect the holy worker, the Elder or Deacon should voluntarily resign

 d.      If for physical reason that the Elder or Deacon can not carry out it’s duty, the Elder or Deacon should retire (Lev 21:16-21)

 e.      If the Elder or Deacon did not perform it’s duty, did not listen to encouragements, or commit a great mistake, the Elder or Deacon should be removed from the position

·         The ordination department is responsible for managing

VI.  Elder and Deacon’s servitude as a role model

1.        Christ’s example

 a.      Be loyal in God’s family (Heb 3:1-6)

·         While He was young He cares for the Father’s business (Lk )

·         Make into food in following God’s will (Jn 4:34)

·         Does not seek after own glory, but only seek the glory of the Father (Jn 7:16-18; Mt 12:15-21)

·         Complete the work entrusted by the Father to glorify the Father (Jn 17:1-5)

 b.      Willingly be the servant of all (Mt 20:25-28; Mk 10:42-45)

·         He Showed mercy on the sheep that’s without shepherd (Mt -38)

·         He showed mercy on the multitude who listened to the gospel and multiply bread for them to eat (Mk 8:1-9)

·         He showed mercy on the multitude and healed the sick (Mt 14:14-21)

·         He Showed mercy on widows and orphans and especially care for them (Lk 7:11-17; Jn 11:1-5)

·         He love the disciples and wash their feet (Jn 13:1-17)

 c.      He is a good shepherd and gave up His life for the sheep (Jn 10:11)

·         He calls the sheep according to their name (Jn 10:3)

·         He walks in the front and the sheep followed Him (Jn 10:4-5)

·         He gave the sheep grass to eat and also gain a more abundant life (Jn 10:9-10)

·         He searches for the sheep that’s outside of the fold and lead them back into the fold (Jn 10:16)

·         He cares for the sheep and not to let one to be lost (Jn 10:28-29; 17:12)

·         He intercedes for the disciples for their unity (Jn 17:9-26; Rom 8;33-39)

2.        Paul’s example (1Co 11:1)

 a.      A loyal steward of Christ (1Co 4:1-2)

·         He counted me faithful, and putting me into the ministry (1Ti , 16)

·         Have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel to please Him (1Thess 2:3-6)

·         Does not use the enticing words of man’s wisdom to speak of God’s mystery (1Co 2:1-5)

·         In all things he showed himself as a servant of God (2Co 6:3-10)

·         Loyal in his duty and view death as returning to God (Acts 20:24; 21:13)

 b.      Willingly be the servant of all (1Co 9:19-23)

·         Be all things to all man (1Co )

·         I please all men in all things, not seeking my own profit (1Co 10:33)

·         Debtor to all (Rom 1:14-15)

·         Who then is Paul, but merely a servant of Christ (1Co 3:5; 2Co 4:20)

·         Willing to be accursed from Christ for the flesh’s sake (Rom 9:1-3)

 c.      Be the good shepherd of the sheep (2Co 11:28-29)

·         As a mother nurses her own children (1Thess 2:7-8)

·         As the parents educate the children and lay up treasure for them (1Thess 2:11; 2Co 12:14)

·         In all things be a role model to the sheep (2Thess 3:7-9; Acts 20:35)

·         Never cease in praying for the saints (Col 1:9-11; Eph 11:5-18; 3:14-19)

·         Though suffered for the Church still feel joyous (Col 1:24-25; 2Co 1:5-6)

·         For the faith of Church, he is glad to offer up himself (Phil 2:17-18)

VII.   Conclusion:

·         Fought the good fight, finished the race, kept the faith and waits for the crown of righteousness (2Ti 4:7-8)

Publisher: True Jesus Church