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A New Life Made Possible
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A New Life Made Possible

We were created to be God's children, but we have disowned our Father by rejecting his authority and disobeying his words. We try to find happiness apart from God, only to experience disappointment and emptiness. The only way to find meaning and happiness in life is to mend our broken relationship with God. Only with God in our lives can we have joy, peace, comfort, and security.

Our Heavenly Father, in his infinite mercy, promises to receive us when we believe Jesus as our Savior, repent of all our sins, and determine to return to God. He offers to change our lives and give us the hope of an eternal life.

But to restore his relationship with us without denying his justice, God himself had to pay the price for our sins. Therefore, he came to the world as a human being--Jesus Christ, and paid the ransom for our sins by giving his life on the cross.

Jesus' blood, which was shed on the cross, cancels the debt of our sins, delivers us from the dreadful eternal consequence of hell, and reunites us with God. In order to become God's children again and receive a new life, we must believe in Jesus as our Lord and Savior and let his blood remove our sins.

God has already offered a way of reconciliation through the death and resurrection of Jesus. We just need to return to God by accepting the cleansing in Jesus' blood.

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Publisher: True Jesus Church