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Items related to "The Power and Spirit of Elijah".

Discovering God's Living Spirit        
I was startled awake at four o'clock one morning when the phone rang. When I picked up the receiver, I heard Vuthy crying emotionally. I asked him what was the matter, but he could not stop crying, and my heart sank because I thought it was something seri
The Work Of The Holy Spirit        
What is the purpose of the Holy Spirit and what are its roles in our lives? What kind of power is this and why can’t we live without it?
Can we experience the Holy Spirit?        
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Holy Spirit - Counselor and Power        
The Holy Spirit as a Testimony        
How to Receive the Holy Spirit        
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Questions for the doctrine of the Holy Spirit        
Spirit Sky        
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The Spirit and Power of Elijah     By Jonathan Chou        
A Spirit of Power, Love, and Self-Discipline     By Derren Liang        
Renewal of the Holy Spirit (1)     By Aun Quek Chin        
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