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How do we know that the universe didn't always exist?        

God Is Our Refuge        
As Elaine and a few sisters stood on a sandbar far out from the shore, a massive wave came and swept them into the sea.

Can we choose another day to celebrate Christ's birth?        

Why do we have to repent before we can receive salvation?        

Why We Marry        
What is the purpose of God's will in your marriage? Does your spouse help you grow spiritually?

Can you give me biblical proof for the need to be baptized?        

Do We Care?        
We are often oblivious of the crises around the world. Do we have a big enough heart to reach out to those in need just as Jesus Christ did for us?

How do we receive the Holy Spirit of the latter or spring rain?        

Can we completely know God through evidence of God's existence?        

How can we pray with the utmost sincerity, earnestness, and effectiveness?        

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