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Items related to "Servitude of Church, Elder and Deacon".

Who established the church?        
The Star That Brought Me to the True Jesus Church        
Her grandmother's love. Her mother's tears. Her father's severity. Would you believe in Jesus against these, as this sister did?
The Growth of the Church        
We are given only one chance to journey through this life of faith. Are we doing all we can to further the ministry?
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The Multicultural Essence of the Church        
God intended His church and salvation plan to be for people of all nations. So how do we remove cultural barriers and fulfill the mission of the church?
Ecclesiology (The Doctrine of the Church)        
Paul before Felix: The True Church on Trial        
We must use the Bible as the common ground for revealing God's truth and keep a good conscience before God and men, always ready to defend our faith.
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The Concept of Value in Servitude        
The Basic Requirement of Servitude – Offering        
The Balance on Servitude        
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The True Church and the True Believers     By Derren Liang        
Church and Financial Management (1)     By Jonathan Chou        
Church and Financial Management (2)     By Jonathan Chou        
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