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The Fall of Satan: A Biblical Investigation (III)     By Ci Yi Luo        
Relying on Jesus to overcome Satan.

Saul the Pharisee, Paul the Apostle: An Introduction to the Epistle to the Romans     By Esther Wee        
Understanding the background of the Epistle to the Romans.

5-in-1 Offering     By Peter Shee        
Jesus paid it all.

Love Binds Us Together in Perfect Harmony     By Rong-Yu Ho        
Love can overcome all hurts.

The Bond of Perfection     By Vincent Yeung        
Are we bounded by God’s love?

Manna 72 Editorial: Love—the Bond of Perfection     By T. Chen        
Does Jesus’ love compel us to love our brethren?

Magnifying Christian Values in the Corporate World     By Philip Shee        
How to be a truly successful Christian boss.

Unashamed of the Gospel     By C. Ang        
Do you have courage to stand up for your faith?

Enlarge Your Tent, Shine Forth the Light     By Jonathan Chou        
Reflections on the World Delegates Conference 2013.

Journey of Faith     By Mary Lee        
In everything give thanks.

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