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Manna 74 Editorial: Standing Firm     By FF Chong        

Preparing Children to Serve From Young     By Guat Kim Tan        
How to train children to serve God from young.

Virtues of Counselors (II)—Be Filled With the Love of God     By Vuthy Nol-Mantia        
Godly love can work wonders.

A Heart to Serve     By A.L.        
We don't have to be experienced as long as we have the right heart.

Walk on the Old Paths        
Why are old paths better than new ones?

Philemon: Appeal for Forgiveness and Acceptance        
Learning to forgive each other.

Conquest of Canaan: Crossing the Jordan     By Caleb Lee        
Have we crossed the Jordan River?

Noble Vessels     By Audrey Chan        
Cultivating ourselves to be used by God.

Employing Our Gifts—Fulfilling Our Purpose     By Philip Shee        
Called for a purpose.

The True Gift     By K.C. Tsai        
What can we offer to God for His mercy and grace?

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