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Unchanging Faith     By Aun-Quek Chin        
Be faithful to God’s word.

The Fall of Satan: A Biblical Investigation (II)     By Ci Yi Luo        
Satan is the fallen spiritual creature.

What the Lord Delights In     By Rebecca Lee        
In the events that transpired at Ziklag, David faced the exact same situation as his men. Yet, why did the Lord only delight in how he chose to respond? Learn how we can do the same in our service to God.

The Only Church That Is Saved—True Jesus Church (III)     By H.H. Ko        
The only true church of the end times.

Be Perfect Just as Your Heavenly Father Is Perfect     By Tae-Hoon Jung        
Be perfect in faith, love, and holiness.

The Road to Perfection     By F.F. Chong        
It's possible if we rely on God.

What the Lord Requires of You     By Nathanael Chin        
God's requirements are reasonable.

Manna 71 Editorial: What Does God Require of You?     By K.C. Tsai        
What can we offer to please the Lord?

I Grieve with You in Pain     By Patricia Chen        
How do we sensibly reach out to people in grief?

Beware Satan’s Old Trick—Sowing Discord     By Philip Shee        
Importance of unity in the family and the church.

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