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Salvation According to Jesus (I): From Destruction        
People can live with so much pain and guilt; yet, they still may not want to believe they need saving. Some, perhaps, can’t believe anyone would care enough to save them. Others might gladly accept “salvation,” but only on their own terms or by using their own efforts. Sometimes, however, we have to hit “rock bottom” in life to realize we do need someone to save us.

Christian Viewpoint on Festivals        
Which festivals can Christians participate in?

Walk on the Old Paths        
Why are old paths better than new ones?

Philemon: Appeal for Forgiveness and Acceptance        
Learning to forgive each other.

The True Jesus Church in Sabah        
From a magazine to 15,800 believers.

Interview with a Dominican Republic Missionary        
Read the personal experience of a brother who visited the Dominican Republic for the first time through a USGA missionary trip.

Fulfill Your Ministry—A Study on 2 Timothy (II)        
Fight the good fight, finish the race.

"I Am the Lord" in Ezekiel        

Religious Education        
The history, objectives, and organization of Religious Education in the True Jesus Church.

Fulfill Your Ministry—A Study on 2 Timothy (I)        
Serving God with endurance, faithfulness and godliness.

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