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The Christ in the Book of Numbers—Part 5: The Bronze Serpent        
Look unto Christ and be ye saved.

Sabbath Rest        
Discovering the true meaning of Sabbath rest.

Whom Do I Serve?        
Learning to serve God with the right attitude.

Know Your Challenges (I): False Prophets        
How to recognize and overcome the challenges to our faith.

The Church and Evangelism        
What's your temperature on the evangelistic thermometer?

Contradictions in the Book of Jonah        
Do our actions match our faith?

The Christ in the Book of Numbers—Part 3: Aaron's Rod        
Jesus, our eternal High Priest and author of eternal life.

Why the True Jesus Church        
Explaining our church's name.

The Joy and Grace of Serving the Lord        
A sister shares the joys and grace of serving in the India mission.

Spiritual Experiences in the Philippines        
Overcoming Satan's wiles to hinder church growth.

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