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 (Manna 26)
The Holy Work in Calgary: A Personal Perspective
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As a result of the uncertainty after the Tiannamen Square massacre in Beijing, my sister-in-law urged my family to emigrate to Canada where she was currently residing. We applied without much expectation. However, by the beginning of May 1992, we left Hong Kong for Calgary.

During those early times, the True Jesus Church did not exist in Calgary. Our daily worship consisted of hymns, Bible study and prayer. However, since we were the only members there, we often felt spiritually weak and lonely. At about the same time, we were even invited to attend services at another denomination. At first, I contemplated accepting the invitation. Thankfully, my eldest son firmly opposed this idea. He reminded me that even though I might stand firm in faith, my children might be significantly influenced by the teachings of that church. Consequently, I declined their invitation.

Shortly after this, we learned that the Vancouver and Edmonton churches would be holding spiritual convocations in the near future, and that there were other members who resided near us. Later, with six members and one truth-seeker, we started family services. A brother from Edmonton traveled monthly to pastor the Calgary flock.

During December in 1992, a truth-seeker, Josephine Chung, became seriously ill. She suffered from insomnia, loss of appetite, and nightly convulsions. She said that there were many demons singing and dancing within her everyday. In fact, the doctor was of little help as the demons tormented her. Because she lived some distance away and I was not familiar with the roads, we could only pray for her at home. Later, however, we decided to visit her one night after receiving much assurance from several brethren that they would support us in prayer.

With the courage given by God, we braved the bitter, cold, and snowy night and drove to Josephine's house. We found her lying in bed, without the strength to even speak. She nodded in agreement when we told her that we would pray for her. We prayed earnestly and after a while, I was filled with the Holy Spirit and loudly spoke, "In the name of the Lord Jesus, I cast out the demons!" Josephine screamed and wanted us to stop praying immediately. We ignored her and continued to pray. Her husband rushed in and saw the frightening look on her face caused by the demons that possessed her. Eventually she calmed down and praised the Lord. She said that she felt better because quite a few of the demons had left her. However, there were still some that remained. While her husband wanted to take her to the hospital to find a treatment for her nightly convulsions, Josephine insisted that the best treatment would be prayer.

Inspired by her faith, we prayed for her once again. Praise God! She saw three demons leave her body in the form of smoke. Afterward, she felt better and regained some appetite. We thanked God because we knew that He had answered the prayers of the brethren that night. During the next few days, Josephine's condition varied. Whenever she deteriorated, I contacted the other churches for their support in prayer. Thankfully, she improved after each prayer.

She later traveled to Los Angeles and participated in the spiritual convocations. She received the Holy Spirit and was baptized on 27 December 1992. During her baptism, she saw the blood of Jesus surrounding her.

Josephine is now a fervent member of the church. She always testifies of the grace and love that the Lord has bestowed upon her, and she brings many to receive the Word of God. Her son, Peter, was also baptized in June the following year.

The Lord continued to guide Calgary's holy work over the next few years. The congregation grew as more were added to the flock and more members moved there. Ministers also came to pastor us and conduct evangelical services.

Praise the Lord! The Calgary Prayer House was established on 1 April 1995 with 26 members, four of whom have recently moved back to Malaysia. At present, Edmonton Church sends brothers to conduct services twice a month in Calgary. Four brothers and sisters in Calgary take turns to deliver the sermon on Friday evenings and Sabbath days. There are about six truth-seekers.

In the past few years, we have experienced God's guidance and at the same time realized how Satan has tried his utmost to attack us through our weaknesses. It is therefore important for us to work together with unity and love. Only then will God dwell among us and we can overcome the wiles of Satan. We will encounter difficulties in the process of growing. However, as long as we realize how vulnerable and weak we are in comparison to God's omnipotence, we will begin to stand firm by relying on God and trusting in Him everyday.

May you continue to pray for us so that God will continue to show His mercy and use us, His humble vessels, to preach His gospel to glorify His name. May glory and praise be forever unto our heavenly Father.

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Publisher: True Jesus Church