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 (Manna 34: Facing Life's Challenges)
Turn to Jesus
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When pressure seems to accumulate,
When problems appear one after another,
When life seems to be dreary and sorrowful,
When it doesn't seem worth living anymore,

When storms come your way,
When the calm ocean has metamorphosed into a violent, rough beast,
When all hope and strength is lost,
When your path seems to be obstructed,

When the whole world has turned against you,
When no one seems to be there for you,
When you seem to be living in a world of pitch-black darkness,
When you are weary and depressed,

Your curiosity is aroused,
Wondering why life is so unbearable,
Wondering why these burdens have been cast upon you,
Wondering why, oh why, you come across such unwanted experiences.

But remember...
Turn to Jesus,

For Christ, the Mighty One, is our hope, our strength,
He, the Omnipresent One, is everywhere, watching over us,
He, the Omniscient One, knows how much suffering we're going through,
He, the Omnipotent One, will deliver us from our trials and tribulations,

As long as we confide in Him,
As long as we pray to Him,
As long as we live for Him,
As long as we become good soldiers of Christ,
As long as we share the joyful tidings with others...

The love of God is priceless,
Trials and tribulations are only temporary,
Jesus has rewarded us
With everlasting joy and peace,

That is,
Entering His heavenly kingdom,
And spending eternity with Him,

Let us look forward to this amazing gift of His,
And receive our trials and tribulations with joy,
For the Almighty Savior and Greatest God will always stand by your side.

Turn to Jesus...

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Publisher: True Jesus Church