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Interview: Succession     By Peter Shee        

A Faith That Is Never Compromised     By Wen Chuan Yeh        
How to stand firm in our faith.

Understanding and Fulfilling Our Commission     By Philip Shee        
Are we committed to our true purpose in life?

Growing Together With My Parents        
How can four years of college and living away from home bring one closer to both parents and to God? A youth shares her experience.

Applying Our Faith in the Workplace     By Audrey Chan        
Shining for Christ at work.

Testimonies From The Covid-19 Front Line     By Various        
God’s grace upon members who caught the virus while working in the medical field.

What It Means To Be A Christian Wife        

A Father’s Thoughts on Christian Parenting     By Philip Shee        
Set an example; pray unceasingly.

Why I Got Rid of Cable TV        
Is there anything wrong with watching television?

Complete Faith: Whatever God’s Will May Be     By Hosea        
Daniel’s friends had complete faith in God’s deliverance, as well as His sovereign will.

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