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Building Altars In The Pandemic     By London Youths        
The struggles and blessings of maintaining our faith and worship at home.

Thoughts on Ecclesiastes        
There are underachievers and there are overachievers, but we should prayerfully reflect, "Are we right achievers or wrong achievers?"

God’s Reminders During The Pandemic     By Various        
 In this unprecedented time, God’s requirements of us remain the same.

Covid-19: A Spiritual Analogy     By Jessica Lau        
The parallels between the coronavirus and the spiritual pandemic of sin.

Be Rooted In Christ (Part 3): Bear Fruit In Christ     By Michael Chan        

Live According To The Standard Of God’s Word     By Lydia and Sean Ho        

Redeem Your Time Wisely     By Ezra Chong        
Using this God-given time during, and after, lockdown to make lasting spiritual change.

These Little Ones     By Vincent Yeung        
How to care for the weak and overlooked within the church community.

Overcoming Trials and Temptations (III): The Snare of Temptations     By Aun Quek Chin        
How can we overcome temptations?

Christian Viewpoint on Festivals        
Which festivals can Christians participate in?

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