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A More Abundant Life (Part 1): Peace and Hope     By Raymond Chou        

From Cherith To Horeb     By Vincent Yeung        
What were the positive and negative effects of Elijah’s two periods of isolation?

The Widow Sought God’s Help     By Barnabas Chong        
The many layers of grace in the story of Elisha helping a widow in a hopeless situation. 

Overcoming Indifference By Putting on Love     By River        

Family: What God Has Joined, Let No Man Separate (Part 2)     By Aun Quek Chin        
Upholding the biblical principles of marriage.

Conquering Addictions        
Preventing an addiction is just as important to our spiritual health as overcoming one.

The Word Of God Is Not Chained!     By KC Tsai        
God brings calamity to allow us the time to pause, reflect, and revive true worship.

Evangelism During The Covid-19 Pandemic And Lockdown     By Philip Shee        
How to continue our commission to preach when we are chained by circumstances.

My Time? God's Time!     By Philip Shee        
God is the pivot of our lives.

Q&A: Establishing Our Work-life And Service To God     By Philip Shee        

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