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Covid-19: Global Updates: The True Jesus Church in Europe and Africa     By ECC and AMC        
How the pandemic and restrictions have affected the members in Africa and Europe.

A Christ-centered Family Life     By Vincent Yeung        
What is our family’s common goal?

Live Life Meaningfully In The Face Of The Pandemic     By FF Chong        
Repair our relationship with God and beware of the invisible pandemic of sin.

The Product of Faith        

On Time and Prayer     By Jachin        
How much do we pray? No matter how busy we are, we must include prayers in our daily lives in order to allow ourselves to communicate with God. This article takes examples from the Bible to explain the role prayer should have in our lives.

Looking After Our Spiritual Health As Young Adults     By Naomi Shek        

Choosing a Friend     By Vincent Yeoh        

The Lord Shut Him In The Ark     By Steve Hwang        
Applying lessons from Noah’s confinement to our own respective lockdowns.

When One Suffers        
Sometimes we may have a hard time understanding and accepting why good people suffer. This article explains why suffering is necessary in hopes to help us stand firm in the faith, even in the midst of affliction.

Social Justice and Christianity        
What is social justice, and why does it matter?

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