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Come Unto Me...I Will Give You Rest     By Lim Siok Hong        

Comfortable Christians        
Complacency is a pervasive trait. There is much more to Christian life than settling in a routine of prayer and Bible reading.

Committing Yourself to Christ        
How should you choose which college to attend? How can you maintain your commitment in Christ throughout college?

Complete The Construction Of The True Church (Part 1)     By Aun Quek Chin        
Building the church upon the firm foundation of God's principles, to weather all storms.

Complete the Construction of the True Church (Part 2)     By Aun Quek Chin        
The central role of the church in God’s salvation plan.

Conquering Addictions        
Preventing an addiction is just as important to our spiritual health as overcoming one.

Conquest of Canaan— Jericho (II)     By Caleb Lee        
Are we on God’s side?

Conquest of Canaan: Crossing the Jordan     By Caleb Lee        
Have we crossed the Jordan River?

Conquest of Canaan—Jericho (Part 1)     By Caleb Lee        
Rahab vs. Jericho's inhabitants: faith vs. faithlessness

Contemplations of an Aspiring Prudent Wife     By SL        

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