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Delivered From Demons     By Mimintha Mok        
From demonic attacks, depression and fortune-telling to finding peace in God.

Diary of A Voluntary Worker        

Diary of a Volunteer Worker        
Some people may never have all the luxuries we enjoy, but what is more important on the Judgment Day?

Digging Wells: The Place of God in an Age of Job Insecurity     By David Liu        

Discipline The Heart, The Lips, The Eyes, And The Feet        

Do It to the Best of Our Ability        

Do Not Murmur        
God was often displeased with the Israelites due to their unfaithfulness and constant murmurings against Him. Read six reasons why the Israelites murmured against God in the wilderness and how they serve as a warning for us today.

Do Not Think Highly of Yourself     By cleftforme        
Humility is key.

Do We Care?     By Lee Jin        
Crises we read about in the news may seem far removed from our everyday life. So many have occurred in recent years that we may even use them to support the view that the Lord’s second coming is near. But as Christians, do we have an obligation to alleviate the suffering of our fellow human beings?

Do We Care?        
We are often oblivious of the crises around the world. Do we have a big enough heart to reach out to those in need just as Jesus Christ did for us?

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