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Church News        

Church News        

Church News        

Church Unity     By Yung-Ji Lin        
Five ways to promote church unity.

Cleansing the Ten Lepers     By Jason Hsu        
How this miracle teaches us about thankfulness.

Come unto Me... I Will Give You Rest        
We are often entangled in a complex web of relationships and pressured with many expectations. But Jesus shows us a better way by calling us into His rest.

Come Unto Me...I Will Give You Rest     By Lim Siok Hong        

Comfortable Christians        
Complacency is a pervasive trait. There is much more to Christian life than settling in a routine of prayer and Bible reading.

Committing Yourself to Christ        
How should you choose which college to attend? How can you maintain your commitment in Christ throughout college?

Complete The Construction Of The True Church (Part 1)     By Aun Quek Chin        
Building the church upon the firm foundation of God's principles, to weather all storms.

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