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Current Developments in the Western Hemisphere Missionary Work     By Derren Liang        
The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.

Daily Living and Prayer        

Dash into The Depth of The Spirit        

David Takes a Census        
Taking a census seems innocuous enough. But the underlying motive is what we should watch out for.

David's Repentance        
To what lengths would you go to cover up your sins? Do you really think you can hide them from God? Why are confessions so important?

Deacons’ and Preachers’ Bible Research Meeting        

Death - a Christian's Viewpoint        

Death: A Christian's Viewpoint        
There is only a fine line between life and death. But understanding death from a Christian perspective allows us to live a fuller life.

Deborah - An Outstanding Woman        
What are some excellent qualities of Deborah which are worthy of our emulation?

Dedication of Paul        
In his blindness, Paul resolved within himself the paradox of his life, that of misguided zeal and true devotion to God. Find out where this transformation led him.

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