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Living for the Lord (I)     By Simon Chin        
Freely we have received, freely we should give.

Running in the Race of Faith     By Simon Chin        
The Bible likens our journey of faith to a race; we must run in such a way that our goal is to win the prize. But as we all know, our journey of faith is not easy and filled with obstacles, which is why the Bible also offers us many insights into how we ought to run this race in order to receive the imperishable crown.

The Church—God’s Called-Out Assembly     By Simon Chin        
Called for a purpose.

Succession and Passing the Baton     By Simon Chin        
Passing on the ministry: importance and implementation.

In Retrospection and Reflection: One Hundred Years of Spiritual Grace     By Shun Dao Hsieh        
Testimonies of God’s grace and the faithfulness of the early workers in Taiwan.

A Supplementary Note     By Shen-Min Tsai        

Living The Rest Of Our Time     By Shen Chuan Chen        
Helping elderly members make the most of their silver years.

The Christ in the Book of Numbers—Part 7: Cities of Refuge     By Shen Chuan Chen        
Flee to the spiritual city of refuge.

The Christ in the Book of Numbers: Part 6—A Star out of Jacob     By Shen Chuan Chen        
Jesus, the shining star of salvation.

The Christ in the Book of Numbers—Part 4: The Rock from which Water Flowed     By Shen Chuan Chen        
Once saved, forever saved?

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