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Thief of Hearts     By Philip Shee        
Keeping our hearts with all diligence.

A Father’s Thoughts on Christian Parenting     By Philip Shee        
Set an example; pray unceasingly.

Joseph in Egypt     By Philip Shee        
What was Joseph's secret of success?

Manna 85 Editorial: The Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End     By Peter Shee        
A hundred years is a significant milestone, and milestones are important if we are serious about our goal. 

Against the Tide     By Peter Shee        
Do not be conformed to this world.

Manna 80 Editorial: The Times and the Seasons     By Peter Shee        
“Thus the LORD GOD showed me: Behold a basket of summer fruit…”

A Holy Calendar     By Peter Shee        
The seven feasts and God’s salvation.

5-in-1 Offering     By Peter Shee        
Jesus paid it all.

Made for Man: Understanding the Grace Behind the Weekly Sabbath     By Peter Shee        
Observing the Sabbath with the right attitude.

Fourteen Coins     By Paulina Tse        

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