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5-in-1 Offering     By Peter Shee        
Jesus paid it all.

Made for Man: Understanding the Grace Behind the Weekly Sabbath     By Peter Shee        
Observing the Sabbath with the right attitude.

Fourteen Coins     By Paulina Tse        

Nutrition and Good Health     By Paul S. Wong        

Moses Hid His Face     By Patrick Wong        

I Grieve with You in Pain     By Patricia Chen        
How do we sensibly reach out to people in grief?

Give Your Parents the Gift of Honor—A Personal Journey     By Patricia Chen        
Choosing to love our parents just as God chose to love us.

Lift Up Your Eyes and See     By Oh Hee Do        
What causes us to lift up our eyes? Both Abraham and Lot performed the same actions before moving to their respective lands, yet had very different results. What are the subtle yet vastly contrasting attitudes of these two family members?

What the Lord Requires of You     By Nathanael Chin        
God's requirements are reasonable.

The Journey of Service     By Ming Chang Wang        

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