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Thoughts by the Brook of Cherith     By S.C [SINGAPORE]        

To Rise with Wings     By S. Hwang        
How and why God trains us.

Office Relationships Series: King Darius, the Secular Boss     By Ruth Huang        
Lessons we can learn from Daniel and his work environment.

Office Relationships Series: The Deceptive Supervisor     By Ruth Huang        
Using Jacob as a model for how to deal with our boss.

Jacob's Pillars     By Rong-Yu Ho        
Jacob erected a pillar on three occasions to mark the most significant moments throughout his life. Which one of them is the most important to him, and what can we learn from this pillar as Christians today?

Love Binds Us Together in Perfect Harmony     By Rong-Yu Ho        
Love can overcome all hurts.

Romance in Entertainment Media     By Rebecca Yuan        

What Do We Hallow?     By Rebecca Yuan        
Looking into the roots of Halloween and studying the Bible can guide our way.

What the Lord Delights In     By Rebecca Lee        
In the events that transpired at Ziklag, David faced the exact same situation as his men. Yet, why did the Lord only delight in how he chose to respond? Learn how we can do the same in our service to God.

The Disgrace of King Joash     By Rebecca Lee        
Learning from his mistakes.

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