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Understanding and Fulfilling Our Commission     By Philip Shee        
Are we committed to our true purpose in life?

Be Rooted In Christ (Part 3): Bear Fruit In Christ     By Michael Chan        

Love Binds Us Together in Perfect Harmony     By Rong-Yu Ho        
Love can overcome all hurts.

Openly Faithful     By Caleb Lee        
Are we open about our faith?

Established by God: Life as a Preacher's Wife        

A More Abundant Life (Part 1): Peace and Hope     By Raymond Chou        

What It Means To Be A Christian Wife        

Evangelism: Inspired by Jesus: My Evangelistic Wedding     By Mellisa Ho        
How planning a dream wedding became an opportunity to preach.

Conquering Addictions        
Preventing an addiction is just as important to our spiritual health as overcoming one.

Overcoming Indifference By Putting on Love     By River        

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