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The Product of Faith        

Hallow God’s Name     By Steven Shek        
God’s people must fear Him and hallow His name in righteousness.

Covid-19: A Spiritual Analogy     By Jessica Lau        
The parallels between the coronavirus and the spiritual pandemic of sin.

Complete Faith: Whatever God’s Will May Be     By Hosea        
Daniel’s friends had complete faith in God’s deliverance, as well as His sovereign will.

God’s Reminders During The Pandemic     By Various        
 In this unprecedented time, God’s requirements of us remain the same.

Participating in the Election Process: An Opportunity to Be Salt and Light        
Voting can be a chance to share our faith.

The Word Of God Is Not Chained!     By KC Tsai        
God brings calamity to allow us the time to pause, reflect, and revive true worship.

The Widow Sought God’s Help     By Barnabas Chong        
The many layers of grace in the story of Elisha helping a widow in a hopeless situation. 

Love Binds Us Together in Perfect Harmony     By Rong-Yu Ho        
Love can overcome all hurts.

Evangelism During The Covid-19 Pandemic And Lockdown     By Philip Shee        
How to continue our commission to preach when we are chained by circumstances.

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