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Worship and Devotion in the 21st Century     By Enoch Chang        

The Praying Church        

Work Your Own Work        

Romance in Entertainment Media     By Rebecca Yuan        

Letters from Mom: Standing on the Threshold of Adulthood        
"Remembering and not forgetting, leaving but never letting go." Thoughts from a mother to a child nearly grown.

Deborah - An Outstanding Woman        
What are some excellent qualities of Deborah which are worthy of our emulation?

The Perils of Youth        

Losing the Path and Finding it Again        
The way back to God is difficult once we have strayed, but through trust and determination, we can be back where we belong.

The Truth That We Have Received     By Jonathan Chou        
Definition, consistency, purpose, and defense of the truth.

Important Steps in Building My Marriage        
Understanding the commitment, roles, and work involved in a God-centered marriage.

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