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Raising Praying Children        
We want to instill the habit of prayer in our children because it is the best way to establish a close relationship with God. No formula can guarantee that a child will love to pray, but "The Five P's of a Praying Child" is a good place to start.

Do We Care?        
We are often oblivious of the crises around the world. Do we have a big enough heart to reach out to those in need just as Jesus Christ did for us?

The Path to a Happy Christian Marriage        
What are the ingredients of maintaining a happy Christian marriage? How do we resolve our differences, and how do we communicate with one another?

Say "Thank You"        

The Christ in the Book of Numbers—Part 5: The Bronze Serpent        
Look unto Christ and be ye saved.

Christians in the Community        

Here Am I, Send Me     By Shee Tse Loong        

A Faith That Is Never Compromised     By Wen Chuan Yeh        
How to stand firm in our faith.

What to Live for        
It is not important how long a person lives. What is important is whether he has lived a godly life and brought benefits to society.

Personal Evangelism—the Example of Jesus     By Derren Liang        
Be prayerful, proactive, and compassionate.

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